20 November 2011

Good morning

I do vary my routines somewhat during weekends just for the heck of it, usually because I was in bed earlier the night before compared to the usual wee hours of the morning of Saturday. It would come as no surprise that waking up earlier for the weekend would offer less of a challenge than a work day because let's face it, who would bother?

"I'm not sleeping - I'm taking my vacation in 10 minute increments ".

The nice thing about being up earlier on weekends is the lack of need to do anything in a hurry. Dragging myself out of bed can take half an hour or longer, the brushing teeth, shower and ... 'morning business' can all be done at a leisurely pace with little care of the world.

An empty wet area at the kitchen would mean laundry although I'll make it a point to hang them outside directly under the sky. It does feel nice to breath in the 'relatively' cool air of the morning with the warmth of the morning sun touching the cheeks. A welcomed contrast of being embraced by the cool of the night, the cycle of the day beginning again. Very little can rival the beautiful rays of morning light thrusting through the morning mist, the quiet, serene start of the day.

It's either the morning sun or a UFO surveying the 'sample area'.
 Lunch is normally around 11:00 - 12:00 PM, depending on how much in a 'hurry' I am to get filled. Of late it hasn't been too much of a rush, even in the office as the appetite sort of 'normalised'. If anything a super lazy weekend would see me eating only two meals for two days - both dinners - which would be all right as long as it doesn't become a prolonged habit throughout the week.

And music on weekends are usually a lot more varied than normal weekday. DJs hosting radio shows are usually a lot more cheerful and would usually select songs from a bigger pool than usual - one of the best recently was driving my way to the nasi kandar shop to Guns N' Roses' epic November Rain. Not minding that it was a sunny morning, I literally drove slower just to listen to the entire song - all nine minutes of it - willing the traffic lights to turn yellow and red.

"Damn you #@&%^ traffic light, may you blow a bulb!"

After lunch onwards would be a lottery - if anything the one issue I have with waking up earlier during weekends is the problem is staying awake after lunch. It would be one of the reasons why it doesn't happen often because I would probably go back to be bed again for the next couple of hours. This would pretty much negate the hours 'saved' by being up early anyway.

It is not really that hard to awake early back home though - the sun is right in your face at 8:00 am and my room get pretty warm an hour later, so sleeping in really is not an option. Besides, one of my favourite things to do then is to go out with my father or brother (or both) for breakfast after minor grocery shopping or a haircut as I'm wont of doing during Chinese New Year breaks. Sitting with them at the old school coffee shops, either sipping hot laksa broth or slurping the awesome kolomee is one of the few simple pleasures I enjoy for being home.

It was a wrong idea to be searching for this image at three in the morning.

For now, I would probably do more to balance out the days when I'll sleep the morning off or wake up earlier to do whatever that comes to mind just for the heck of it, perhaps seeking things to do just so the motivation to do so would be greater.

Too much of the same routine is boring, so why not?

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