13 November 2011

Happenin' sunday

I mentioned before that I find the raining season enchanting but in every good thing lies a problem of sorts, almost in a no pain no gain kind of manner. In some ways the positives is that I don't need to wash the car as often as Mother Nature is already doing free carwash although the result will not match that of the service at the petrol station.

Won't happen a million years.
 The stretch of kerb along the main street where I live are decorated with trees like all good urban design should be, adding a touch of nature to an otherwise concrete neighbourhood. 

Unfortunately, the flowers that blossom eventually turn into fruits after a while that attract hungry birds. Not that chirping birds are bad, but they have the tendency to poop after meals on whatever is below, causing patches of white or sometimes transparent yellow goo that sticks to the car when it dries. Because of this I've moved a little further down the street to park the car nowadays just to avoid this poop-zone which is not an inconvenience.

Screw you gravity!

The other problem with the rainy season is that it affects how quickly the laundry will dry - with the spinning mechanism of the washing machine screwed, all the clothes will come out soaking wet. This adds hours to the estimated time to dry, which would not be a problem if it were hot and sunny - I could just hang them outside instead of at the wet area; it would dry them twice as fast. Well that can't happen that when it's constantly pouring five afternoons out of seven though, especially when it's possible to have two of those five days on the weekends.

Can't win them all.

Subang Jaya lived up to its violent storm reputation again this afternoon with lightning and thunder interspersing the inconsistent rainfall that ranges from heavy downpour to drizzle. One struck a little too close to home that sounded like it was just next door, causing me to jump from the seat while watching an NBA documentary. It was no big deal - it's pretty common over here.

All lightning bolts should look this good by law.
 What became a common thing though is that it also fried the broadband modem, the second in as many years. The thing failed to start up properly, as well as emitting no signal when connected to a switch. Good news though it was provided by TMNet and cost nothing. Bad news thought we can't quite do much to entertain ourselves without the Internet, so I went out to Carrefour to get a cheap one to replace it.

For some reason the shopping process, though as straightforward as it should be, did not happen any easier than it should be. I had trouble looking for parking as one level of the basement parking was closed for renovation, so I had to circle and eventually exit to search elsewhere. Up I went to the multi-layered parking adjacent to the building and found a lot to park the car after enduring the experience of going round and round up the ramp. For some reason I dislike these corkscrew-like ramps, always driving slower than normal and always extra cautious of how far the car is to the side walls.

Perhaps it was the weekend, shoppers thronged the place which was not at all surprising. However for some reason I found that trying to move about either without getting blocked by slow movers or people standing in the middle of the path was not possible. To make things even better, the one of the ATM machines I was looking for was out of order. Fortunately for me there were more than enough cash in the wallet although the goal was to withdraw a bit of money to pay the rent that I have forgotten about for four freaking months.

After fiddling with the settings on the new Aztech wireless modem-router combo, we're back in cyberspace baby!

Welcome back!

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