6 November 2007

Feeling Lighter

"You're thinner!".

I've heard that more often than not ever since I was discharged from the hospital in September for a mild attack of dengue. That six days from which I endured cold and hot fever, aching muscles and crappy food tastes saw me drop a whopping 9kg!

I didn't quite regain my appetite until about a month later and even that didn't quite restore me to my *akhem* normal weight.

I've just started on my new job at the HQ in a personnel transfer practice and had been eating less, not feeling much of an appetite during lunch and dinner.

That could be a good sign though - I should keep maintaining the habit of just eating enough and not too much to let it drop until a good level.

The problem though, all the flab from the skin ain't gonna disappear just like that.

Can't wait to do badminton again next year.

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